Monday, May 16, 2011

Featured Artist: Justin Lambert

  Justin Lambert, one of my closest friends and colleagues, is the owner/operator of Live Oak Pottery.  A home based studio where guests can purchase work from the gallery, take classes, participate in workshops, or rent studio space by the day or month.  The studio is located in Jupiter Farms, Florida, and named after a majestic Live Oak Tree that was destroyed during a hurricane in 2005, on the exact spot the studio is built upon.


   The studio and gallery is open to the public by appointment, and during Open Studio Events, such as kiln openings or various demonstrations, which are free to attend.
   Justin's work consists of functional, utilitarian pottery fired in an either an Anagama wood burning kiln or gas Soda Vapor Kiln, both located onsite.  He holds firing workshops where participants can gain hands on knowledge of the firing process and also get some of their work fired, along side Justin's, in a great kiln.  The Anagama kiln is only fired from October - April due to the hot summer weather, but the soda kiln is fired year round.  If you are interested in participating in this exciting opportunity, contact Justin ASAP,  space is limited and the firings fill up very quickly.

   Justin believes that the process of woodfiring establishes both a historical, and personal connection to the tradition of ceramic pottery.  All of his work is 100% foodsafe.

   An interest in objects that serve a specific purpose is what motivates Justin to make functional pottery. He is also interested in how pottery can inherently initiate a certain situation with a single user and companion.  It is through the grouping of particular pots that he is able to suggest a special moment to occur.  "It is the interaction of my pots that lead to certain scenarios alluding to the ideas of companionship and solitude," says Justin.  "Groupings of bottles or cups are about inviting myself, and the viewer to slow down and take notice of the subtle diversities in form and the infinite variety of surface texture and color attainable through wood and soda firing."

   Justin's work is influenced by pottery from all cultures, but more specifically Southeast Asia, including Oceania, and Africa.  "I feel these cultures primary concern when making pottery was its’ function.  Form simply followed function and some of the most amazing pottery in the world was made.  Their honesty, simplicity, necessity, and beauty are the qualities I strive for in my own work," he explains.

    As previously mentioned, Justin offers workshop opportunities at his home studio, but also teaches classes and workshops at various Universities and Community Art Centers.  His work is represented by the Florida Craftsman Gallery, Akar Gallery, and for sale directly through his Etsy page.  He is also an avid fisherman and offers Charter trips on his boat.  And last but not least, he is a really cool guy.


Monday, May 9, 2011

New Images 5/11

Just added a bunch of new images to my facebook page and website.  Check them out!!!

"Stacked" Jar

Basket Vase #4

Decal Tumblers

Decal Mugs