Sunday, April 24, 2011

Huber Wines

Had the pleasure to taste some delicious white wines this week from Huber Wines out of Austria.  Owner and head winemaker Markus Huber made a visit to The Falls in Mt Washington on Wednesday, and offered some samples from throughout their portfolio.  In my current state of wine connoisseurship, i am much more excited about whites than reds, so as you can imagine, getting to taste six different fantastic white wines on a Wednesday afternoon, while at work, was really tough (enter a sarcastic tone here). 

The Huber family has wine growing roots dating back more than 220 years.  Today, the winery in Reichersdorf is in its 10th generation and run by Markus Huber, whose outstanding ability to manage the winery with sensitivity and consistency, both in the vineyards and the cellars, has ensured that in a very short space of time he has established Huber wines as an internationally acclaimed leading producer of the  Traisental region of Austria.

Affected by their location, height and geological bedrock these vineyards produce outstanding wines.  The limestone/soil mix found in the area produces outstanding Veltliner and Rieslings with unmistakable character and distinction.  The climate of the Traisental valley is blessed with cool nights and warm days.  Due to this temperature induced interaction, the development of the fruity flavors typical of these varietals becomes even more pronounced.

We tasted three different Grüner Veltliner varieties, Two Reisling varieties, and a brand new sparkling rose with Pinot Noir grapes. Some tasting notes are as follows:


Analysis: Alc: 12 % vol., Acidity: 6,5 g/l,
Rs: 2,8 g/l, dry
Potential: 2011 - 2014

From a mixture of different vineyards, this wine is fermented in stainless steel for three months.

Tasting notes: Delicate fresh green apple aromas with flavours of lemon, lime, peach, and slight mineral tones.  Overall a great value.  Perfect paired with almost any seafood dish, but enough flavor to stand alone on a beautiful summer night on the patio.

GRÜNER VELTLINER - "Obere Steigen" Traisental 2010

Analysis:             12,5 % vol Alc.,
            Acidity: 6,4 g/l, Rs: 3,0 g/l, dry
Potential:             2011 - 2016

This wine is produced with grapes only from the Obere Steigen vineyards where the vines are at least 25 - 80 years-old, and is fermented in stainless steel barrels for at least four months.

Tasting notes: Still fruity on the nose, but with a hint of pepper and aromatic herbs, hinting at typical Grüner spiciness.  Dense and complex on the palate, with similar fruit flavors to the Hugo, but more round and with a softer finish.

GRÜNER VELTLINER - "Berg" Erste 2010

Analysis:           Alc: 13,7 % vol Alc.,
          Acidity: 6,3 g/l, Rs: 3,1 g/l, dry
Potential:           2011 - 2021

The "Estate" version of the Grüner family, these grapes come from the Berg region, where the vineyards are located on the southeast slope of a mountain with optimal nutrient supplement, leading to shorter growing seasons but very complex wines.

This version differs from the last two in that it is fermented and stored in 100 % traditional acacia wood casks for 5 months.

Tasting notes:   Ripe pear on the nose with a hint of honey, herbal spice, and tobacco.  Ripe fruit aromas on the palate with oodles of concentration, plenty of stuffing, and a powerful finish that seems to last forever.  A great special occasion wine, pairs well with meat dishes or asian/indian food.

RIESLING - Traisental 2010

Analysis:                Alc: 12,0 % vol.,
                               Acidity: 7,6 g/l, Rs: 7,4 g/l, dry                 
Potential:               2011 – 2016

Containing grapes from different single vineyard parcels from the Traisental region and fermented in stainless steel, and kept on the lees for 3 months.               

Tasting notes:  Splendid bloom perfume intermingled with small white peach aromas.  The palate is tightly knit and rich in finesse; exuding delicate hints of lemons and peaches.  Vivid and vibrant with a vigorous finish that comes back in a wave of stone fruit flavors.  Hands down, one of the best Rieslings i have tasted, great with fish or spicy foods

RIESLING - "Berg" Erste Lage 2010

Analysis:             Alc: 13,0 % vol.,
            Acidity: 7,0 g/l, Rs: 7,2 g/l, dry
Potential:             2011 - 2021

The "Estate" version of the Riesling family, these grapes come from the Berg region.  Fermented in stainless steel and kept on the lees for 5 months in traditional acacia wood barrels.

Tasting notes: pure peach aromas; the palate is similar to the Traisental version with more complexity, and a lingering minerality.

HUGO Rosé Sparkling 2010

Analysis: Alc: 11,5 % vol., 
Acidity: 6,9 g/l,Rs: 12 g/l, dry
Potential: 2011 - 2014

Featuring Zweigelt and Pinot Noir grapes harvested from small single vineyards in the Traisental.

Tasting notes: Light salmon in color, with a fine, delicate, fresh, and very animating nose of fruit and spice with hints of fresh cherries, forest berries, and a sophisticated note of citrus.  Dry, fruit-driven, yet creamy on the palate, finely woven with elegant acidity and mineral extract, a very harmonious structure.  A wonderful experience that dances on your tongue for what seems like hours.  I could definitely see myself finishing off a few bottles of this on a warm summers eve.

Overall, a great tasting experience. Many thanks to Jen from the Country Vintner and Markus Huber for providing me with the opportunity to learn more about some fantastic Austrian Wines.

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