Thursday, April 14, 2011

The things i know best

I have had a slow evolution into the ever changing world of social networking and online self promotion.  Over the years Facebook has become what seems like a normal part of my daily life.  I used to check it about once a day, but in the last few months since i have upgraded to the iPhone, i have become fully addicted to finding out what people i haven't seen in years are doing at every minute of the day.  I like Facebook because it gives me the ability to easily share "in progress" pictures of my work, along with good food i find, or awesome places i visit.  It also allows me to keep people up to date on shows or events in which i am involved.

Last year i started a website to showcase images of my finished work, along with my artist statement, bio, and all that other "academic" stuff.  For me, the website gives the opportunity to professionally and formally display my artwork and information, but can seem a little "stuffy", and lacks the spontaneity that i enjoy with Facebook.  The other disadvantage is that the website is limited to my ceramic work, and doesn't afford me a proper place to discuss the other great ceramic artists.  And don't get me wrong, i LOVE ceramics, but i also want a place that i can discuss and share my knowledge of the other "loves" in my life; Good food, Craft Beer, and my newly found interest in fine Wine.  Three things that are inherently related to functional pottery by the fact that they can all be served in or enjoyed from handmade ceramic vessels

So, out of this necessity, comes "Hippies to Hipsters:  From Clay to the Gourmet," a blog about everything i know and love.  Check back weekly or even daily, and you might find anything from; step-by-step instructions and photos on how i create some of the pieces from my portfolio, slip and glaze recipes, tips on ceramic chemistry, and bio's of other great ceramic artists, to information on where to find, or how to make good food, beer, and wine.

Hope you Enjoy!
-Nick Ramey

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